• Date:29/06/2022
  • Location:Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda’s College
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WOW duo
Tricia Dawn Williams, piano
Beibei Wang, percussion

The music selected for this concert presents an exciting range of musical styles. Both Spiegel im Spiegel, by Arvo Pärt and C by Hannah Lash portray a minimalist aesthetic. Boiling Clouds by Ruben Zahra, Atlanta by John Psathas and Duo by Giannis Papkrasas, expose the upbeat character of the duo with syncopated rhythmic interactions between the two instruments. In contrast, Avalanche (mov II) for vibraphone and piano by Emmanuel Sejourne, presents tonal melodic themes supported by lush jazz harmony reminiscent of a cinematic leitmotif. In a year where a bit of magic has left the world, Oxford Festival of the Arts has commissioned Paul Max Edlin to compose an In Memoriam, to the most extraordinary poet of sound, George Crumb, which will be premiered tonight. This project is supported by Arts Council Malta. WOW duo is endorsed by the Malta Association for Contemporary Music to be part of the Modern Music Days concert series.