• Date:08/07/2016
  • Location:St George's Square, Valletta
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We all love to swing! … BANDLI builds upon this instinctive mode of entertainment to create an interactive music installation. Each swing is equipped with a motion sensor so that music is triggered through the swinging action. Furthermore, different instruments are assigned to the eight swings so that the whole structure functions like a music ensemble that is brought to life through the interactive engagement of the public. If two persons are swinging – it’s a duo; four swings makes a quartet … all the way up to an eight-piece ensemble. BANDLI is a collaboration between the Malta International Arts Festival and the Modern Music Days concert series of Teatru Manoel as part of the Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme in the run up to the European Capital of Culture year.

Eight Lines by Steve Reich (excerpt)
Diatonic harp module
Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich (excerpt)
Chromatic vibraphone module
Triple Quartet by Steve Reich (excerpt)
Pentatonic bells module

Concept and project management:
Malta Association for Contemporary Music
Technical director structure and light design: Sergio Costa
Creative coding and music interfacing: Andrew Schembri
Structural engineering: James Oliva
Trussing and lighting: NEXOS
Branding: KULURI